Facing Climate Change


Facing Climate Change: An Integrated Path to the Future

“Although we may be reluctant to face change, when we do our lives become richer. On the social level, being open to change often ensures the security and health of a whole social system, producing a better world for our all. Transformation begins with the willingness to face the fear of change. The global challenges that face us today, such as poverty, energy, climate change, and social justice, can only be addressed through positive creative change. If we choose to live according to stories of limitation, separation, and hopelessness, then we will reap the grim seeds of these beliefs. It is time to put these deleterious beliefs to rest. If we are to move toward a world of flourishing sustainability, we will need to create a new story. One of these paths to create the new story is to understand and become familiar with our feelings around change. We have a natural tendency to resist change, and there are good reasons for this resistance. However, we also need to learn to engage with the reality of change. Exclusive resistance to change does not prevent the inevitable."


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